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Our Guides

The contact details for each of our guides are below.  With over 20 blue and green badge tour guides, we’re the largest group of professional tour guides in Manchester.  Please feel free to contact our tour guides directly with any questions regarding their tours or talks.

AB Anne Beswick
T: 07505 691105
E: mabeswick@hotmail.com
Twitter: @annebesw

AD Andrew Derbyshire
T: 07775 668639
E: andrew.derbyshire@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.tour-manchester.co.uk
Twitter: @Derbs56

BW Barbara Warnock
T: 0161 973 0120
E: bhwatno9@hotmail.com

CP Christine Power
T: 07875 160223
E: cdpower@hotmail.co.uk

DB David Brotherton
T: 07944 333353
E: djbrotherton@hotmail.co.uk

DS Denise Sackett
T: 07724 123526
E: manchestercityguides@hotmail.com

EA Eileen Allen
T: 07760281081
E: eileenallen48@gmail.com

EF Emma Fox
T: 07500 774200
E: showmemanchester@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.showmemcr.eventbrite.com
Twitter: @showmemcr

ES Elizabeth Sibbering (Sibby)
T: 07887 676076
E: mcrtourguide@gmail.com
W: www.mcrtourguide.com
Twitter: @MCRTourGuide

HF Helen Freeborough
T: 07946 620808
E: helen@thesavvypartnership.co.uk

JA John Alker
T: 07759 173786
E: john_alker@yahoo.co.uk

JB Jean Bailo
Qualified to guide in Spanish
T: 07812 129754
E: jeanbailo@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.discovermanchestertours.com

JC John Consterdine
T: 07946 239221
E: john@manchestertaxitours.com
W: www.manchestertaxitours.com

JD John Doughty
T: 0161 428 7392
E: johnrdoughty@hotmail.com

JED Joan Davies
T: 07803 124476
E: joanedavies@btinternet.com

JR John Ryan
T: 07590 848100
E: johneryan@mac.com
Twitter: @johnedwardryan

JS Jonathan Schofield
T: 07876 235638
E: jgschofield@btinternet.com
W: http://www.jonathanschofieldtours.com
Twitter: @JonathSchofield

KD Kate Dibble
Qualified to guide in French
T: 07905 110197
E: katedibble@aol.com
W: www.toursofmanchester.co.uk

PC Philippa Cave
T: 07932 041217
E: philippa@revealmanchester.co.uk
W: www.revealmanchester.co.uk
Twitter: @revealmcr

PL Pauline Lloyd
Qualified to guide in French
T: 07723 503702
E: pauline.lloyd261@btinternet.com

POG Peter O’Grady
T: 07923 925566
E: peter@mancuniantours.com
W: www.mancuniantours.com
Twitter: @mancuniantours1

RH Ray Hoerty
T: 07974 010574
E: mail@manchestertourguides.com
W: www.manchestertourguides.com

SH Suzanne Hindle
T: 07853 181299
E: suzannehindle@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @AManchesterTour

SM Sue McCarthy
Qualified to guide in French
T: 07941 263704
E: sue@tourmanchester.co.uk
W: www.tourmanchester.co.uk
Twitter: @tourmanchester